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From when I stepped down from being a Ride Captain:  Feb 1st 2015

  • Chuck Johnson = Goodby PGR! Love you.

  • Charles Collins  = bullshit (sorry to see you go)
  • Jeff AndBonnie Brown = Being out of the loop, I'm not aware of the issues involved, but sure hate to see the loss of a good RC. Be safe. - "Twister"
  • Dale Goodman = That's to bad Chuck.
  • Maria Wasserman = Sorry to hear of the news. You have had such passion for what you were doing. You have served well, and given so much of your time, energy and caring to others. Wishing you well in everything new that comes forward Chuck...
  • William Robert Forrey = Machine! What the??? You are the best the PGR has! Thorough, efficient, kind heart'ed, compassionate, what happened with the "changes" in protocol?
  • Shannon Locke = Thank you for all the missions you've led and for the countless hours you've spent coordinating them all. Life changes and priorities with them. Hope to see you some time on the Flag line - in a blue cap. SMILES
  • Ken Brassell = This is NOT good Chuck, we NEED U & the very few people like U. I would really like to know what has changed. Santa ken Please find a way to let me know.
  • Kelly Varner Johnson = You served well, Chuck, and you must do what is in your heart. You served well.
  • Stacee Wiles = Thank you for your service! : (
  • Leroy Miller = Chuck serious decision, I am sure it was not made easily, thanks for all you do for us old farts everywhere. Go Survival/SERE
  • William Robert Forrey = We need more ride captains these days, not fewer. PGR is becoming well known, well respected, and very often requested. Just look at the mission postings! If I were retired, and had the time, I would step up. It is a LOT of work, and it takes great dedication. Your 8 years of service are deeply appreciated. You are one in a million. Hope to see you as a rider on a mission very soon.
  • Scott T Williams = You're a good man Chuck! Stay strong!
  • Ken Meredith = I will miss that welcoming smile, hand shake , and hug you are awesome.
  • Ray Lisa = What the? Chuck you have put your time and energy 1000% into everything that you do for the PGR! Everyone that knows you as a ride captain will watch your 6! What changes do we as riders have to fear?????
  • Karen Basinger = Sorry to hear that Chuck, we need more like you. And thank you for your services. Keep in touch.
  • Steve Kennedy  = It's only February 1st....April Fools day isn't until April 1st....
  • Ray Gould = God Speed my friend. You are someone I always looked up too. You will be missed from that ranks of R/C's in the PGR.
  • Phil Sawyer = Good job Chuck. Seems if more than 2 people try to do something 'protocol' rears it's ugly head. Sadly you are NOT the first to stop being a ride captain in the SoCal PGR because of this situation. Thank you for your service and good job even tho . . .
  • Robert Gilbertson = That's sad Chuck. Thank you for your service.
  • Richard Hatcher = Hope ya didn't go down without a fight...politics suck! Do it anyways, make them fire ya!
  • Steve Graham  = ? I, like many here, don't understand the why's of this situation. But like pretty much every one here, I want to Thank You for your unwavering dedication to Veterans and to the Leadership you have shown on so many PGR Missions.
  • Steve Henzel = Chuck, I think we're due for another lunch. My turn to drive to your neck of the woods.
  • Chuck Johnson Anytime bro. You know that. So many nice comments. ty all. It was an incredibly hard decision. Keep the rubber down!
  • Floyd Garner = Keep that round tanky thing upright, next to your heart. Sometimes doing the right thing means spending time near a grave when all of the political fluffers have put on their pajamas. You are a good man.
  • Ellen Cutler = I don't know about the protocol change but I do know that the PGR was the love of your life and you were so dedicated to its missions.
  • Dorothy Owens = You are a good man and have made a difference in so many lives. God bless. Stay safe.
  • Donna Craigue = Best of luck in the next chapter Chuck....
  • ASteve RPrusinski = Motor scooters are too dangerous! God speed to you Bro. It's time to move on and you'll do great at whatever you do. Lets go riding sometime soon.
  • Bakersfield Pgr = Thank you for everything you have done to honor our Vets, Chuck.
  • Cathy Rhodes = oh my. know how much this means to you... Your 8 years of duty is an honor forever!
  • Chuck Johnson Thanks all.
  • Helen Pritchett Kallman Mahoney = Chuck, you are a true patriot and understand honor.
  • Carol Forrey = I agree - Bullshit
  • Joan Warloe = I can't imagine our fishing trip for the veterans from Loma Linda VA Hosp without you leading them! Best of everything to you.
  • Chuck Johnson = Thanks everyone.
  • Linda Coven = You are a patriot even if politics can see anything!!!
  • Devesh Yadav = Best of Luck in all your endeavors Chuck.
  • Bob Murray = I don't know what the protocol problems are, but I do know that you will do what's right. If I can help you in any way, you know my number, just say the word. Honor and Respect Bro. Grumpa
  • Susan Wells = Thanks you for all that you have done and will do, Chuck. I am honored to call you a friend, have never met as we are on different coasts, but respect you in many ways. If a situation gets to the point that "protocol" goes against what is in your heart as the right thing to do, then you must do what is right for you. Good always wins!!
  • Chuck Johnson Thanks guys and gals. I will still be there for our Veterans, but with the politics as they are it was the best move. Not only because I lack confidence in our leadership, but because they forget I was a PGR Rider for 4 years before becoming a Ride Captain.
  • Bob Murray = I'll ride with you anytime. You know how I feel about "politics.
  • Joan Warloe = If I knew how I would certainly ride with you anywhere!
  • Brenda Hubl = I am sorry, I learned of The Patriot Guard through you and have admired the things you shared. Because of what I learned from you I learned my husband's cousin is also a Patriot Guard in Texas. Thank You for teaching.
  • Elizabeth McRoberts = Chuck so very very sorry to see you leave what you so had a passion for, for all you have done for years for all the Vets, and PGR. It is a loss for many. You are respected and loved. We are resigning with ALR due to same thing, politics and way to much drama. It is very sad to see you go. Take your talent and commitment to another level with another organization. Continue your work!
  • Chuck Johnson = I received this from the coordinator I've been working with over the last 2 years concerning this situation: "I'm sorry to hear that.. That seems like a really strange situation and definitely unfortunate as PGR all over the country helps us and does missions for us every week. But of course obviously this is out of your control and I appreciate all of your help."
  • Brian Zane = This just blows me away Chuck. I'm a RC but in a remote location. You are in a prime location. I don't know what the politics are..yet. I just serve when I can.
  • Jeff Crocker = Very sorry to hear this. Thank you Chuck.
  • Faye Chapman = Oh so sorry to hear that.. You will be missed. Thank you for all the rides and the many hours you gave so freely.
  • Joan Warloe = It seems ridiculous that someone up the chain of command can't do something to fix whatever is causing the loss of someone as dedicated and valuable as CHUCK JOHNSON! What are "the powers that be" doing?
  • Judith Van Metre = soory to hear your leaving
  • Char Arnt Sorry = to hear this. I know it was a hard decision.
  • Andora Remsing = You've done a great job with all the support that you haven given! What are you going to do with all your spare time now?
  • Chuck Johnson I will still be riding on missions, but I've been accused of ONLY doing missions because I want to be in "CONTROL". Typical tactic of someone who is jealous of the time I've spent and the passion I have. So, out of the 8 years, my first 4 were not as a Ride Captain, and looks like my final ones will be also that way.
  • Ken Brassell = I've also been a PGR member for 8 years, over 500 missions (Ca. & Texas).Its such shit that jealous of some A-holes F--- it up for the rest. We must keep politics out of the PGR or we will ride off in different directions. Chuck was & will always be a good ride captain.
  • Chuck Johnson Ty Ken. That was nice of you.
  • Jimmy Valentine = Chuck, good luck. But as you know it is not who leads the ride, it is the man or woman we ride for. There is no less honor for just riding for the right reasons. Ride on my friend.
  • William R. Reid = Chuck, my dear friend, you will be missed as an R/C but glad to hear you will still ride the PGR Missions. Look forward to seeing you on Missions in the future.
  • John Michela = I for one , after reading you post felt af if all the blood from my heart drained into a bottomless pit. My heart is chipped and I for one will surely miss your leadership. I have never seen what they accuse you of . Gods speed to you Chuck. 
  • Bob Murray = It's hard to imagine a mission without the "Machine" up front. I will forever be in your debt for introducing me to the PGR. Grumpa SoCal
  • Chuck Johnson = Wow. You guys are really something. Ty all. Such nice things to say. I do appreciate them and you. Brings a tear guys.
  • Lisa Fuller Holland = I'm lost for words..I know how much passion and love you have for PGR..I see it in your photos-all your posts..I'm sure it is very difficult to decide to step down, but you do not need the added stress and still plan to support our troops being part of the PGR, just not as a road captain
  • Lisa Fuller Holland = Thank you!
  • Chuck Potter = Thank you, Chuck for all you have done on behalf of veterans, and for your own military service. You will be mussed out there, Brorher. Ride safe yourself.
  • Chuck Johnson Thanks Chuck Potter, you've always been a friend.
  • Chuck Johnson Ty Lisa Fuller Holland! Just another day in SoCal.
  • Marianne Korszun Bradt = Im very sorry
  • Bob Murray = You have earned all the accolades these people have given you, and many more. If you ever have any doubts, just remember all the times a family member has come up after an angel flight, and thanked you for all you have done. Sort of makes all the B.S. worth it!
  • ASteve RPrusinski = Chuck, it's been a pleasure riding with you. I know what this means to you. I agree that some people are just plain jealous. You and Grumpa ride over the mountain an come visit us. We'll check out the cemetery.
  • Kelly Varner Johnson = Jealousy and envy came to you by way of some people who are all about control. You are not that way. I am so sorry this turned out like it did. I just don't get people sometimes. But, I support your decision and understand completely. You did a great job and a great service! I'm so sorry they did this to you. I'm with you all the way, my friend.
  • Andora Remsing Now, all you can do is ride, ride with total freedom!
    • Chuck Johnson
      Goodby PGR! Love you.  431 Missions accomplished.

From past missions:


Good Morning Sir,
Hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for always being so flexible and willing to support our homecomings.

This means so much not only to the families but the Marines returning. I have had your group attend many homecomings from 2009- present. I had a few Marines even ask with this upcoming return, will the Patriot Guard be escorting us back from March?

They love you guys and what you represent! They feel so appreciated and special because of what your group does. We here at **** would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your group!!!

Best Regards,
Kristy Harris-Grosvenor
Family Readiness Officer



I am responding to the business card that was given to me last night for photos from last nights homecoming.

There are not enough words to describe how powerful, precious and meaningful this was to witness.

Thank you for capturing such wonderful moments.

Colleen P******

Dear Captain Ray Gould & the PGR Members:

I wish to thank all of you for your participation in CAPT Eike Hohenadl’s procession to the Riverside National Cemetery on May 12, 2014.  You were kind enough to lead the procession from Lamb’s Fellowship Church to the cemetery.  Everyone who attended the military memorial was so impressed by your group who led the caravan of cars and stay there until you made sure all the arrangements were in place.  There were so many positive comments about your group that afterwards I was still receiving telephone calls from friends and family.  I wanted to thank each one of you personally.

This is a great service that you provide and I will remember it always.

Please take good care of yourselves and I wish you all the very best for the future.
Joyce Hohenadl
Chief Petty Officer Yeoman (Ret.)

hello, beth I wanted to reach out and thank you for doing what you setup for my fathers service on Friday I also wanted to personally thank ray without him it would not have been as special he went up and beyond and me and my family are forver greatful, and lastly can you please forward this email to all the riders that ere there that day I got to thank a few riders but not all ,,, they are all great people and our family is very greatful to them , ray and yourself for everything sincerely,scott Wilson    for jack Wilson jr

Thank you, everything went great. Jerry Galang did a super job,and there were 8 PGR at the cemetery. Again thank you verry much.

Ann Dyckman
The attached Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the Patriot Guard of Southern California for our assistance in creating their Memorial Wall and Stairwell.  Certificates were also presented to the two artists who did the work.

The Command considers the PGR one of the most valued Community Partners and thanks us for all that we do.
Hi Santa Ken

I want to thank you for everything you did to help honor my husband. Our grandson was honored to stand in the flag line with you, he was hoping to be able to hear the service but not so much. The Patriot Guard did a fantastic job honoring Ken. Would you tell the Southern Ca.  Patriot Guard that the family is very thankful for everything they did exspecially with the pony express from Redding. We know it took alot of organization to do it and I know Ken was looking down with pride and love for everything you did.

Again thanks to you & Loranzo for a great job & all the others who was involved. God bless you all.

Thank You again

Linda Johnson and Family
4th of July Parade
Just wanted to thank you again for coming.  There were so many veterans that commented that they really didn't think you'd be there.  They were so excited.  Your group raised the level of morale in our community and for our families with kids serving, and we are grateful.
I hope your members were treated well and glad they were there.
Most sincerely,
I wanted to thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for that AWESOME welcoming!  I was over whelmed with the turn out.. The people that came out were warm and just plain AWESOME!!!! I thank you for this service it meant the WORLD to me that my daughter knew she was appreciated ......

Thank you again,
(Keirian's mom)
On behalf of the 146th Airlift Wing I want to extend a huge thank you to you
and all of your friends who so generously gave their time to come out and
welcome our Airmen home. You and your organization made today very special for
these men and women and their families. Many of these families have never seen
what you do and as always you made a big impression on everyone here.

It was such an honor to have you and you are welcome anytime. I look forward
to seeing you at Point Mugu on Sept 14.

My name is Patrick Bonahoom... I'm Brad Cavner's uncle and your organization created a wonderful tribute to our fallen hero.  On behalf of the family I'd like to personally thank you for gathering up group of Patriots to honor my nephew.  He died way too young...  he served our country proudly and with honor.

With great respect...
I want to Thank "Candy man" and the rest of the guys that came out to the service for my Father, Leroy E Harris BMCS Ret. USN WWII,Korea,Vietnam,on Sat June 7,2014 in Hemet Ca. It was an Honor to have the PGR in attendance.
Warren Harris
Please pass on our deepest gratitude to all the PGR that were so gracious to escort our wonderful Veterans from the Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda to the fishing/touring grounds at Lake Arrowhead. All of the participating PGR are a great part of honoring these Veterans.
Thank you all and I hope to see you again next year.
Joanie Warloe
Skyforest Elks ER

Thank you for your kind words, it was truly an honor and a pleasure! I have to say, seeing the smiles from the veterans, was enough to keep smiles on our faces for weeks. I also have to tell you and the Patriot Guard, thank you for  all of your service. I know that you have all served our country and we thank you for that but your continual service to our veterans as veterans with the Patriot Guard, is well, amazing. I'm so glad that all of you were able to join us and hope that we can do it again next year! I will pass along your kind words to our Blue Star Moms.

Thank you again,
Michelle Kinnick
Rim of the World Blue Star Moms
Dear PGR,

My significant other Don Messler rides with the PGR and I have ridden with him on a couple of missions. I thought I knew what to expect when I asked you to honor my father by being at his service. I was totally wrong. Being on the other side was overwhelming for me. Last Friday August 2nd some of your members were kind enough to meet and escort, provide honors and be there for me during the service for my father Robert Harris. I was expecting the bikes but when they rounded the corner at my home I completely lost it. Every member came to me and gave me their condolences and hugs. I was in such a state seeing and listening them that I had to ask a friend to drive to RNC as I could not.

When we got to RNC, they had the flag line set up and remained beside us throughout the entire service. Chaplain Larry (PGR rider) did an outstanding job and I want to thank him very much for his time and the outstanding job that he did. The RC Glenn “Stormy” Blackway went totally out of his way. First coming all the way from Huntington Beach and for the comfort he gave me and my daughters during the service along with his quiet talk with me at the service.

I want to thank all of the other riders that gave up their time riding in from San Diego, Twenty Nine Palms and other places to honor my father. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me through this hard time. On behalf of my father, family and I, thank you very much.


Cindi Harris.

So Cal PGR Posting Team